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At the Institute for Digital Enterprise Advancement (IDEA) we are leading the effort to ensure a strong technical workforce exists with skills to meet the demand to build, manipulate, and exploit the burgeoning Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) industry.

IDEA is currently offering the following solutions to meet the MBSE demand: Associate Degree Programs, Professional Certificates and Training, Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities.

Internships are an integral part of the program at Calhoun Community College for students studying for a Systems Engineering Technician (SET) Associate Degree. The two-year SET degree is based on the curriculum developed by IDEA in conjunction with Auburn University, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Calhoun Community College, and Victory Solutions, Inc. Currently there are seven SET students working in local businesses in internship positions earning an average of $20.00 per hour.

A recent $10,000 donation to IDEA has allowed another SET student to be hired as a summer intern by Victory Solutions, Inc. The generous donation provides a path for IDEA to sponsor a scholarship for the student. This intern will provide support to the IDEA Digital Enterprise Team. The continued success of the SET program depends on this type of donation and the support of local industries to hire and mentor the SET students. Please contact IDEA to learn more about MBSE training, the SET degree, professional certificate programs, and internship/apprenticeship opportunities.